大阳城集团99aa® is an environment that inspires you to grow, learn, 超越平凡. This is a “home away from home” where every student can find their place. Our team in 本科招生 and 招聘 is committed to assisting prospective students and their families through the acceptance and enrollment process by providing essential information to help students successfully transition into the university. This webpage will provide you with the necessary information to guide your educational goals.

大阳城集团99aa is test optional for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years



Are you ready to visit our beautiful 杰克逊女士 campus? Join us for a tour and explore life at Jackson State. Your visit will consist of a brief orientation session and a 1½ hour walking tour. Tours are conducted by recruitment office staff and student ambassadors. 在我们的旅行中, prospective students and visitors learn about undergraduate admission requirements, 度的选择, 住房, student life and the legacy of the university. You’ll get a glimpse of some notable campus buildings including our JSU Student Center, 住宅设施, 娱乐中心及图书馆.

请安排参观校园 点击这里 



Applying to 大阳城集团99aa takes 2 easy steps:

  1. 在www上提交在线申请.apiablog.com by clicking the “Apply” link on the homepage.
  2. Request ALL colleges or universities you have attended to send an official transcript to 本科招生.


Please allow at least 7-10 business days from the receipt of all required documents for an admission decision.



The official transcript may be sent electronically via e-Scrip Safe or Parchment web accounts; or Clearinghouse (email for clearinghouse is transcripts@apiablog.com).  If sending via any other method, please call 1-866-THEEJSU (866-843-3578) for further instructions

Hand delivered (must be in a sealed envelope)

Mailed (must be sent in school envelope)


P.O. 17330箱


Step 3. 完成FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov and request the results be forwarded to the 金融援助 Office at 大阳城集团99aa (JSU Code 002410). You may contact the 金融援助 Office at 1-866-THEE-JSU (866-843-3578) to check the status of your 金融援助 award.

  1. 登陆jq.apiablog.com,点击P.A.W.S.
  2. Log in using your User ID (J Number) and PIN.
  3. 点击“经济资助”.
  4. 点击“奖项” and select the appropriate aid year.
  5. 如果你有直接贷款, you must accept the loan before funds can be disbursed to your student account.
  6. You must also complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling at http://studentaid.gov/.  Your results will be electronically sent to 大阳城集团99aa.


To Check for Missing and/or Unsatisfied 需求:   

  1. Go to jq.apiablog.com 点击JSU P.A.W.S.
  2. 使用您的用户名和密码登录
  3. 点击“助学金”
  4. Click on Eligibility 需求 and select Aid Year
  5. 单击Submit
  6. Review Student 需求, Holds, Academic Progress,
  7. 如果您有未满足的需求, please submit documents to the 金融援助 Office Immediately.



  1. Go to jq.apiablog.com 点击JSU P.A.W.S.
  2. 使用您的用户名和密码登录
  3. 点击“助学金”
  4. 点击“奖项”
  5. 点击“援助年度奖励”
  6. Click “Accept Award Offer” tab and follow the instructions



The University annually awards a limited number of scholarships to community/junior college graduates.




All students born after December 1956 who plan to attend classes on one of our campuses must submit proof of immunization compliance for measles, mumps, 和风疹. 在线学生不受此限制.  A copy of your immunization record (or your state’s immunization compliance form) can be submitted directly to the JSU Health Center in one of the following ways:


EMAIL: healthservices@apiablog.com 

For more information on JSU’s health screening requirements, visit the JSU Health Center’s webpage at jq.apiablog.com/healthservices

The contact number for the JSU Health Center is 601-979-2260.


房屋申请网址 jq.apiablog.com/housing.  The office is located in Campbell College Suites-North, and the contact number for Housing is (601) 979-2326 or (601) 979-0596.


Both new and returning students will access the new 住房 application by following the steps below:

  1. 访问你 JSU爪子 account.
  2. 输入你的j# (ex. J00000000)和NET ID密码.
  3. 选择 “学生” 在页面顶部的标签. 然后,选择 “住房” link.
  4. 在选择 “住房” 链接,你会选择, THD: JSU住房自助服务.”
  5. 在选择 " THD: JSU住房自助服务" you will be directed to the THD Housing Self-Service Portal where you will need to enter your login information.
  6. Your login information will be as follows:
    用户名:one\ j# (ex .. 一个\ J00000000) | Password: NetID (Must set up in your PAWS account)
  7. You will be directed to your own personal Student Housing Portal. 在那里,您将选择 “Apps & Forms” and then select the 住房 application for your classification and proper term.
  8. 你会被指示同意 “条款与条件” by signing your name and clicking “Continue.”
  9. 在点击 “继续”, you will proceed to answer all questions.
  10. You will be then directed to pay your specified 住房 fee, $100 non-refundable 住房 application fee (New and 转移 Students) or $75 room reservation fee (Returning Students).
  11. 你的最后一步就是支付你的费用. Please note that your 住房 application will not be processed without receiving payment.


Whether you are taking a class online or on campus, please schedule a meeting with an academic advisor. If you will be enrolled in an online program, please contact JSUOnline at 601-979-0779. 如果你在学校上课, please contact the University Academic Advisement Center at 601-979-1250.

Step 8: Complete Registration or Set up a Payment Plan

“Completing Registration” is the phrase used to describe the Business Office acknowledgement or verification of how fees are to be paid for the current semester.  Once this information is "officially communicated" to the Business Office, we will “accept” the charges and payments for the current semester which in turn protects the student’s classes from being purged.

There are two ways to “officially communicate” with the Office of Financial Services

1.       The first and most popular way is via the Automatic Registration Complete process.  Once a student has selected his or her classes (along with 住房 and meal plan), the system will review all eligible accepted 金融援助 and if the remaining balance is less than $200, the students’ registration will be completed automatically.

2.       The second way to “officially communicate” is to enroll in the online payment plan.  The payment plan is based on the balance due being divided into four (4) installments.  The initial installment plus $100 (the deferment fee) is required to complete registration.  The remaining three (3) installments are due in 30-day increments. Late fees of $70 begins on the 1st day of class.

Students can verify their status by signing into their JSU爪子 account and following the steps below

1.       选择“学生”选项卡.

2.       选择“注册”

3.       选择“秋季报名服务”

4.       选择“检查注册状态”

5.       If registration is complete a congratulatory message will be displayed.

6.       If not, a message will display instructing you to your next required step.



To enhance the safety and security of the campus community, faculty, staff and students are required to obtain a University issued photo ID card. The University mandates that all faculty, staff, and students display his/her ID card visibly at all times while on campus. First-year students are able to obtain their ID after registration is complete (Step 8).


数百名JSU学生, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteer to help the newest Jacksonians and their parents move into the residence halls.  Please call (601) 979-4302 for more information on Move-In Day. 


优先级的最后期限: 传统al Students

〇秋季学期 8月24日 
〇春季学期 1月11日 
〇第一届夏季课程 5月27日 
第二届夏季会议 6月27日 


春季-第一个8周- 1月7日
春季-第二个8周- 3月4日
夏天,  May 15th
秋季-第一个8周- 8月20日
秋季-第二个8周- 10月11日



You have never attended a college or university, or you attended a college or university for the first time in the prior summer term.


You are entering JSU for the first time, but previously attended another postsecondary institution.


You previously attended JSU, but did not attend during the previous fall or spring semester.


You are a non-US Citizen seeking an undergraduate degree. This excludes students graduating (or transferring) from a college or high school in the US.


You are interested in online degree programs and general education courses which allow students to conveniently earn a quality education and work toward achieving long-term career goals.


了解暂住学生的录取情况, 非学位的追求, 双重登记, 在家接受教育, GED, 以及本科以上学历的学生. 





1400约翰·R. 林奇街
P.O. 17330箱
杰克逊,MS 39217

E-mail:  futuretigers@apiablog.com

电话:1-866-THEEJSU 866-843-3578

Due to COVID-19, JSU is currently accepting legible unofficial high school transcripts in pdf format.  

Please upload your transcript and ACT or SAT scores via your application portal.

Students will be required to submit official transcripts prior to enrollment.